Welcome to NPCQIC!

Our mission is to improve dramatically the outcomes of care for children with cardiovascular disease. We are building a sustainable network of pediatric cardiology clinical care teams, patients, and families.




The initial activities of the NPC-QIC are:

1) To build a sustainable collaborative network of pediatric cardiologists in North America, including a registry database, to inform future improvement projects. This network will provide opportunities for pediatric cardiologists to collaborate on quality improvement and research projects.

2) To plan and implement a quality improvement project intended to improve survival and quality of life of infants with HLHS during the "interstage" period between discharge from Stage 1 Norwood and admission for Stage 2 bidirectional Glenn.


  • Teams have achieved reliable discharge and clinic processes.
  • NPC QIC dieticians, cardiologists, nurses, and parents developed an evidence-informed Interstage feeding protocol.
  • Faculty from many centers lead 11 active research projects.
  • Parents are included in team improvement activities and actively participate in NPC QIC.



Research using NPC QIC database has identified a bundle of clinical processes that promise to improve interstage growth.

The items below have led to positive growth during interstage

  • use of home scales for interstage weight monitoring.
  • specific weight gain/loss “red flags” to identify patients with growth failure in the interstage period.
  • regular phone contact with families during the interstage period regarding nutrition and growth.
  • dietitian available for each cardiology outpatient visit during the interstage period
  • standard post-Norwood feeding evaluation.