Welcome to NPC-QIC!

Our mission is to decrease mortality and improve quality of life for infants with single ventricle congenital heart disease and their familites. We are working with a vision to dramatically improve the outcomes of care for children with cardiovascular disease. With our partner organization, Sisters by Heart, we have built a quality improvement and research network of pediatric cardiology clinical care teams, patients, and families. 




We are a vibrant community of parents, clinicians, and researchers where challenges and strategies are shared, and a robust data registry is used to identify care variations, find successful approaches, and test research hypotheses.

Our current quality improvement project is working to improve survival and quality of life of infants with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) during the "interstage" period between discharge from their initial open heart surgery- Stage 1 Norwood- and admission for a Stage 2 biredirectional Glenn procedure.


Research using the NPC-QIC database identified a "growth bundle" of clinical processes that are associated with improved infant-growth during the interstage.



Welcome to the world of NPC-QIC, where parents and clinicians dream together, create together, and transform the practice of medicine for HLHS infants, and beyond-together. Thank you, Sisters-by-Heart.